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Dang BBQ

About us

At Dang BBQ, the abundance of dishes, flavors, and ingredients is truly impressive—especially if one is a BBQ enthusiast. Dedicated chefs handcraft recipes using carefully selected products.

The sense of creativity, community, and individuality can be found in: - Savory dishes such as smoked pork, hickory burgers, or hot-dogs - Desserts which embrace a wide range of milkshakes - Tap and drink bar for everyone who would like to socialize over a glass of liquor

Fresh Ingredients, Tasty BBQ Meals Like nothing you've seen before!!!! Our Academy Award Worthy Sammich Menu is not for the casual snacker. These Sandwiches are two handed monsters. In fact, they're so big we felt they belonged on the big screen. Our Menu features hits like "Jurassic Pork", "Brisky Business" and "Farmegeddon".

AND Save room for Dessert!!!! If you manage to make it through one of our Sandwiches, Burgers or Mac & Cheese dinners, then you deserve something sweet. We feature a full Milkshake Menu that includes the classics (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry) to some pretty insane options. The King comes with a bacon, can you believe it?. We also feature an adults only dessert menu with Boozy Shakes and Ice Cream Floats. Yum!